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Speyside Whisky Trail

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If you are a whisky fan, a lover of Malt whisky or simply wishing to become more intimate with this wonderful elixir - then look no further – The Speyside Whisky trail is your companion!

The ultimate malt whisky experience. It must be on the “bucket list“ for every Scotch malt whisky enthusiast across the Globe.

Speyside has the largest concentration of malt whiskies distilleries in the World. The Malt Whisky Trail is renowned and the Speyside Whisky Trail guides you through the Speyside Region, commencing in Edinburgh and traveling alongside the mighty River Spey to the final distillery near Balmoral Castle.

Some 20 world famous distilleries on the route including a fascinating insight to a cask making cooperage.
View the insides of these distilleries and how they produce the wonderful “elixir“ that has excited the world for centuries. The local craftspeople will tell you tales going back to the days of illicit stills and whisky smugglers.

The Speyside Whisky Trail guides you directly to the distilleries, road by road, with a plethora of relevant Points of Interest on the route.

Prepare to have your whisky tasting technique enhanced and overwhelmed by the variations in what is known as Malt Whisky.

The Speyside Whisky Trail guide will be your personal companion on this stimulating journey of discovery.
Slainte !