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North Coast Whisky Route

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The North Coast (NC 700) Whisky Route is more extensive than the NC 500 route in that the NC 700 includes visits the Orkney Islands, Isle of Skye as well as the Great Glen and Loch Ness.

The NC 700 visits some 11 distilleries in the Highlands of Scotland. The guide also describes each distillery as well as showing these on a map and precisely explaining how to navigate by road to the distillery.

In addition, the NC 700 Whisky Route recommends the best Seafood and Highland cuisine restaurants, plus the equally superb but " humble “ fish and chips shops with stunning views and locations.

The NC 700 also recommends the most fascinating Points of Interest ( POI ) along the route such as dolphin spotting in the Moray Firth ,boat cruises on mysterious Loch Ness including the enchanting Orkney Isle and the misty isle of Skye.

Other chapters include - How to taste and appreciate whisky, the unique skill of distilling and maturing Scottish Whisky, the concise yet small chart of Scotland’s history and a wealth of other interesting facts and features.

It is an indispensable aid to planning your journey in the wild Highlands of Scotland.